We’ve made over 50 fintech videos. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Marketing, writing about, and promoting fintechs is about balance. To convey the benefits of these fantastically complex and innovative products correctly (things that promise to change the game, upset the applecart, or otherwise verb the noun) you have to render them in simple terms. You need to highlight why your fintech is meaningfully different from a conventional provider such as a high street bank – and explain why it should be trusted as much as these conventional providers.

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Our best testimonial videos

We do a fair bit of testimonial video production here at TopLine Film. And while we’re pretty proud of our own work, we are always looking to improve. So we spend literally* all our down time scouring the web for testimonial videos, glued to our screens watching them, and arranging meetings in which we debate and critique them for hours until we all agree. This process has equipped us beautifully to create this definitive** and comprehensive*** list of the best testimonials that have every been made.

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